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x______bella's Journal

She is beautiful
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For the beautiful, dramatic, broken, bruised, glamourous, and afflicted. Here's a place for all the pretty faces to let down their pretty masks and talk about the distortion inside... a place for the turmoil to be touched upon.

Why don't you just shut up and be a lady?

Self injurous? Bipolar? Depressive? Obessesive Compulsive? Bulimic? Anorexic? Borderline?

So this community was created to talk about and support your afflictions... to find people sharing similar experiences as your own... who have all the glitz of being a girl.

Please, give a quick intro. Don't know what to say? Try filling this out as starters:

Diagnoses [self]:
Other psychological disorders:
Favorite song:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Color:
Any other info about yourself:

your friendly admin: crusifix

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